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Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust



BalaMandir People Process

Bala Mandir endorses the rights of all children and envisions for them loving care, good upbringing and opportunities for development especially for children in difficult circumstances. The Vision statement is based on the following values that drive Bala Mandir’s actions...


BalaMandir People Process

Starting with 2 children in 1949, today Bala Mandir houses over 300 orphan and destitute children, from a newborn child to 18 years. Over the many years of its existence, Bala Mandir has sheltered many thousands of such children, providing them with holistic...


BalaMandir People Process

The core activity of Bala Mandir is its children’s programme which consists of all aspects related to the all-round holistic development of the children admitted to full-time care in its Home. Admission: Admitted below 6 years of age with only a few exceptions of older...

People & Process

BalaMandir People Process

A registered organisation under the Tamil Nadu Society’s Registration Act, 1975 – Bala Mandir has a well-defined administration Management. Elected from/by the General Body of volunteer members, an “Executive Committee” (EC) of 21 committed members volunteers their time and expertise for the specific responsibilities they undertake. A few among...


BalaMandir People Process

Children's Home
Infant &Toddler Block
Day care centre
Primary School
Secondary School
Vocational Training Centre


BalaMandir People Process

In pursuance of a policy of transparency and diligence Bala Mandir’s Annual and Financial reports meet the standards of the relevant statutory authorities. Reports have been received by authorities, members and donors yearly and will be available in the public domain The summary of the financials for the last 6 years and the Annual Report...