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Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust


BalaMandir People Process

Inspired by the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, Bala Mandir was started in 1949 by late Sri. K.Kamaraj and Smt. S. Manjubhashini. It is today a premier Social Welfare Organisation...


BalaMandir People Process

Our Story
Key Contributors

Vision / Mission / Values

BalaMandir People Process

Bala Mandir endorses the rights of all children and envisions for them loving care, good upbringing and opportunities for development especially for children in difficult...

People & Process

BalaMandir People Process

Bala Mandir has a well-defined management process which has evolved over the years and enables the organization to seamlessly operate over the long term...


BalaMandir People Process

Over the years various people and organisations have contributed towards the development of Bala Mandir to its current position. In the past some of the philanthropic...