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Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust

Bala Mandir Family Get-together – 24th Sept 2022

After a break of two years, the Bala Mandir ‘Family Get Together’ was held with staff members across all units. The staff members were divided into ten groups, including representation from each unit in each group. Each group was given one of the four Bala Mandir pledges, and they were given an hour for preparation to show how the pledge can be upheld in the units – through songs / drama / art etc. The groups composed songs and poems, came up with dramas, did artwork and made colourful posters to demonstrate the pledge. Ms Punitha Ramalingam then summarised the groups’ presentations. This gave the staff an opportunity to get to know their colleagues across units better, as well as to present an in-depth analysis of the pledges.


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