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Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust

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Bala Mandir is largely dependent on donations / sponsorship from its well-wishers for funding its activities. Various sponsorship schemes are defined and the donors could choose from these, provide a general donation, or sponsor any specific item or project as per their wish.

CSR Projects

All the activities of Bala Mandir come under the purview of Corporate Social Responsibility as defined in Schedule VII of the Companies Act 2013, and hence any contribution made by a corporate entity to Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust would qualify as “CSR spend”.

Donors from India have several payment options including credit / debit card payments online as well as physical swiping at Bala Mandir office, cheques, online transfer etc.

Donors from Abroad may transfer the money to the FCRA account.

Donors wishing to give donations in kind, rather than cash, also have a number of options to consider for donation. Click Here To Visit Page

Support for our work can be offered in various ways. Apart from donations, we invite, across age groups:

  • Volunteers who can share their talent and time with our children, in various age groups, who live in the institution, and those from the urban slum who access our various educational and cultural programmes.
  • Professionals interested in working for either full-time or part-time at some compensation to use their expertise to enhance the functioning of an NGO like Bala Mandir.
  • Students interested in undertaking internship projects, which would enhance their learning processes and bring quality into the lives of our children
Bala Mandir is a diverse organisation with a vast scope for highly satisfying work involvement and those committed and interested are welcome to contact us for suitable opportunities. Please write to describing your skills and area of interest.