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Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust


Bala Mandir may be described as the outcome of the compassion felt by Kamaraj when 2 abandoned new-borns were brought to him to the model hut in the Congress Grounds one day – way back in March 1949. That was the beginning of Bala Mandir.

The spirit of Kamaraj envelops the entire Bala Mandir complex. Kamaraj appears to have emerged out of the masses, his personality reflecting his ruggedness, the simplicity and the astuteness of the peasants, as also their innate maturity. His insight and courage and capacity for quick decisions, spelled over the years of his leadership, the growth of Bala Mandir.

Few leaders established such rapport with the masses and few articulated their sorrows, their difficulties and their aspirations so authentically as Kamaraj. Most of what Kamaraj did and achieved as a leader and administrator par-excellence was motivated by his humanity, his compassion, his intuitive understanding of the sufferings of the poor, the deprived, the orphaned. Bala Mandir is an expression of these great human qualities of Kamaraj.

In his address in 1978, when Bala Mandir was dedicated to the memory of Kamaraj - President of India, Dr.N.Sanjeeva Reddy pointed out: I quote :

“What was the secret of Kamarajji’s success ?

Was he a highly educated man ? - No, he had only studied upto Std V.

Was he a rich man ? – No - Kamaraj never locked his house because there was nothing else there, nothing valuable except the transparency and sanctity of an honest man.

The secret of his success was his sincere work, honesty & integrity………

How then shall we honour the memory of Kamaraj ?

One, Kamaraj loved all the poor people – he wanted something done for them. Bala Mandir children are Kamaraj’s children though he was unmarried. He loved them and brought them here to be brought up as good citizens of this nation.

The second was his integrity and honesty – Kamaraj was a poor man who became so powerful not only in his state but in the whole country – he remained poor and died poor” – unquote.

It is these ideals which our Founder epitomised, loved and breathed.

A rare Gandhian indeed ! Everybody talks of high ethical values, everybody preaches them. Kamaraj never spoke about them – he practised them.

He closely monitored through constant involvement, the growth and development of Bala Mandir in the first 25 years. No doubt, the task was entrusted to Smt.Manjubhashini, our beloved Amma, to whom K.Kamaraj’s word was law. He was involved, step by step, with every improvement, acquisition of land, building and the children and workers. He chaired the meetings and in his inimitable way ended most of them with the word “Paarkalaam”. He moved around the length and breadth of the property and despite his busy schedules as Chief Minister of the State and later, President of the Indian National Congress – Bala Mandir, its growth and its problems always had top priority.

For the hundreds of orphan and destitute children and the thousands of school children under the care of Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust – the character and personality of Perunthalaivar Kamaraj is that of a unique Human, loving Father, an Ideal Indian – to be emulated by one and all.

May his loving glance be ever on our children and may his ideals of true service, humility and dedication always be our source of inspiration, in our endeavour to brighten the lives of those in need.