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Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust

Bala Mandir Donor Options

"Bala Mandir is largely dependent on donations / sponsorship from its well-wishers for funding its activities. Various sponsorship schemes are defined and the donors could choose from these, provide a general donation, or sponsor any specific item or project as per their wish. All donations to Bala Mandir are eligible for tax deduction under Sec 80G of the IT Act.

Host a Meal for Bala Mandir Children

You can choose to share your special day (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, memorial days etc.) or an event in your life with the children in the Bala Mandir Home by hosting a meal. You and your family (upto 5 members) can also visit our premises and share the meal along with the children. We will try to accommodate your date in our calendar if not already booked or provide an alternative date.

Meals Regular Special*
Breakfast Rs. 4000 NIL
Lunch Rs. 6000 Rs. 10000
Tea Rs. 4000 NIL
Dinner Rs.6000 NIL

**‘Special Meals refer to Mixed Rice varities (Eg. Brinji/Tamarind Rice/Curd Rice etc.) and can be served only on Saturdays, Sundays and School holidays.

Vada/Payasam/Sweet will be at additional cost.

Educate a Child
You could sponsor education for a child in the Primary School / High School / Hr. Sec. School. Your contribution will go towards support of general education expenses including educational aids, and special activities for academic improvements.
All donors will receive an annual report on the activities on the area chosen for sponsorship including profile and progress of the individual child that the donor would be supporting.

The children would be either from Bala Mandir home or students from socio-economically deprived backgrounds of the urban slum who are studying in Bala Mandir schools.


Scheme Name Amount
Sponsorship for a child in the Primary school Rs.6000 p.a.
Sponsorship for a child in the High School Rs.9000 p.a.
Sponsorship for a child in the Hr. Sec. School Rs.12000 p.a.
Sponsorship of a child in the Kinship Care Project Rs.20,000 p.a.
Kinship Care

Under this programme, Bala Mandir supports orphans who have lost one or both parents to Covid and who continue to stay with their families. We have chosen to work with children below 12 years of age belonging to economically weaker sections of society. The sponsorship supports a part of the school, tuition fees and other interventions to bridge learning gaps. Social workers visit the families and schools to assess the status and help. The sponsorship amount would be Rs.20,000/- per child per annum. The plan is to continue to support the children year on year.

Sponsor Higher Education
Your sponsorship helps Bala Mandir support the higher studies for Bala Mandir children who are rehabilitated back with their families after finishing Standard X. This includes Higher Secondary studies and under graduation study in colleges. The amount differs based on the individual requirements of the child.

Typical funding requirement per child is indicated below

Higher Secondary Graduate Degree Professional Course
Normal range of support given per child per year Rs. 10,000
Rs. 20,000
Rs. 15,000
Rs. 30,000
Rs. 50,000

Students are encouraged to work part-time to finance at least some small proportion of their own course and help their family. They remain in touch with Bala Mandir through monthly contact sessions on 2nd Saturdays with social workers, who help them adjust to home life, handle peer and societal pressure and put in their best efforts in their academic pursuits.

You can sponsor higher education for a specific child, or choose to contribute to the larger pool for higher educational endowment funding. Donors will receive the profile and progress of the student supported by them.
Sponsor Medical Expenses
Bala Mandir has a comprehensive medical programme, which covers over 750 children and youth across all its units. This programme includes medical expenses, accident insurance, honorarium to doctors, functioning of the Vinayaka Clinic – Dental, Eye and Annual health check up for all children. Support is extended for special medical referrals towards test and treatment.

Those donating Rs.10,000 and more will receive an annual report on the activities of the medical unit.

Sponsor Events and Activities
There are several types of events in the yearly Bala Mandir calendar. This includes annual day functions, sports day and projects for its educational units, celebration of festivals, seminars and training programmes, holiday camps and club activities for children, inter school cultural events.

You could support an event or activity in Bala Mandir which would include expenses for the day, prizes for the children, honorarium for professionals and resource persons.
Sponsor Infrastructure Projects
With a large campus in the heart of urban Chennai, Bala Mandir is consistently looking at improving its infrastructure and having to undertake major repairs and maintenance works. With the 72 years history Bala Mandir has on its campus many buildings that are old and require critical repairs and improvements.

Specific projects have been defined in this area across Bala Mandir, and you could support the improvement costs, either partially or as a whole.
Provide a General Donation
Once the donor decides to support Bala Mandir it is now easy to complete the process. The payment process is different for the donors who are Indian citizens and the donors who are not Indian citizens.