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Bala Mandir Kamaraj Trust

Bala Mandir Medical Day on 24th Aug 2019

70th Bala Mandir Medical Day on Saturday – 24th August 2019.

Guest was welcomed speech was given by Medical unit member In-charge Premilla Rajan. She also read the detail Annual report.

History of Bala Mandir medical unit was the topic of the audio visual presentation created and presented by the Deepika Kannan, Coordinator of the medical unit.

Chief guest Dr. J. Prabhakaran, MBBS. M,A.E., DPH.,DIH. Deputy Director of Public Health, and Preventive Medicine. Ministry of Health, Chennai spoke about the importance of human life and how children in Bala Mandir have to grow as a responsible citizen and help give back to the institution they grew up with as well as the society. 

We also had quiz program by Dr.Suchitra for Satyamurthy School children.  Gandhi team won the first price and all the participants received gifts.


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